Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) - CAP’s mission is to end UK poverty, in partnership with local churches. Every day they strive to improve the lives of thousands of people facing debt and financial hardship. They identified that they were only serving about 3% of the UK market, and wanted to scale to help release more people from poverty. Challenges for CAP included their reliance on legacy technology, inefficient processes and organisational complexity.

TalkTalk Business

We helped TalkTalk Business to speed up order processing times by 400% by redesigning their online ordering portal.

SSEN Distribution

SSEN Distribution Case Study - Helping SSEN to power more than 4.1 million UK homes, through the strategic delivery of vital digital services to their customers.

Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS)

Enabling 460,000 members to control their pension investments online.

British Red Cross (BRC)

While its main website is heavily task-driven and service-user focused to ensure people get the help they need whenever they need it most, this had the potential to cause barriers between British Red Cross’ brand, and its users’ engagements.

Electricity North West (ENW)

Creating an applications tool that streamlines Electricity North West’s customer connections to the grid

United Utilities (UU)

When it comes to utilities and vital services end users demand the very best in terms of information and resolution. Mando was tasked with the design and development of online diagnostic tools for the ‘Network self-serve’ products UU required. Our solutions enabled UU customers to easily see existing problems in their area and to report new Clean Water and Wastewater problems on the network.