We helped TalkTalk Business to speed up order processing times by 400% by redesigning their online ordering portal.


  • Average monthly page views are up by 98%
  • Product pages have seen a 46% uplift in page views
  • Bounce rate has improved by 8%


TalkTalk Business is one of the UK’s fastest-growing B2B telecoms providers, offering a full range of business-grade communications products and services, spanning internet access, data, voice and mobile, serving 180,000 business and public sector customers, and 800+ partners.

TalkTalk Business required a new website that clearly articulated its brand and offered a simple experience for customers.


Business drivers

Having recently rebranded, TalkTalk Business needed a new, best-in-class website to complement its new and distinctive brand. 

The site would need to help differentiate the brand from TalkTalk’s residential offering, and build brand awareness, while continuing to drive customers to its products.

The redesign would need to provide customers with a simplified experience; the website would need to be easier to navigate, and relevant content easier to find.

Additionally, TalkTalk Business also required more insight into customer behaviour.


We undertook extensive customer research and collaborated with stakeholders across all product areas of the business to understand how the information on the website could be architected to meet customers’ needs.

This led us to make some fundamental changes to the sitemap.

Building a clickable prototype brought the functional requirements to life, allowing us to demonstrate customers’ needs in a way that engaged with stakeholders.

We redesigned the homepage and key landing pages, removing clutter and refining content to be more focused on customers’ needs rather than products. This meant product page content was in bite-size chunks to make it easier to consume.

The design of the website and all the components and GUI kits were created working alongside TalkTalk Business. 

To simplify the customer experience, we embedded some new features:

  • Business case documents are now available for download 
  • Line checking facilities that retrieve results across multiple products 
  • Self-building comparison tables to make like-for-like comparisons easier.
  • ‘Why TalkTalk Business?’ sits at the top of each page to make it easier for customers to access key information.
  • Mobile optimisation allowing on-the-go access

With modern marketing automation and revenue performance management software (Eloqua), TalkTalk Business can strategically analyse data, generate new leads and gain valuable customer insights.


Since the redesign and re-platform:

  • The customer experience has been simplified, and content is now easier to find
  • Average monthly page views are up by 8%
  • Product pages have seen a 46% uplift in page views
A cleanly designed TalkTalk Business website being viewed on a tablet device in landscape orientation.  

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