Creating an applications tool that streamlines Electricity North West’s customer connections to the grid.


  • Reduced application time for a new connection from an average of 3.5 days to 20 minutes
  • Provided customers with accessibility to a quotation 24/7/365
  • CSAT score for the 'Connections' tool has delivered a 93% satisfaction rate


ENWL's previous application process resulted in a lot of time being spent, both from the customer and ENWL, hand plotting on maps to calculate costs and plan the subsequent works to create a customer's new electricity connection.

This process previously took around an average of 3.5 days to complete and had the added complexity of a lack of consistency with pricing for customers.

A male worker wearing ENW branded hard hat and high-visibility tabbard, and safety goggles while he works

Business drivers


To improve customer satisfaction, enhance the efficiency of the sales process and create an engaging and effective tool for both staff and customers, Mando worked with ENWL to produce three clear user journeys:

  • New connection – creating new connections for new-build properties;
  • Service alteration – like moving a meter;
  • Disconnection – when a property is being demolished


ENWL’s new ‘Connections’ service streamlines a long paper-based service, keeping things simple for the customer, and handling complex integrations with multiple back-end technologies. The customer’s address is validated by postcode lookup, then directs to the showcase functionality within the portal – the mapping tool. Here, the customer locates their property, indicates its boundaries, and plots where they want the connection, picking up the relevant mainline cable.

The ENW interactive connections map showing a diagram-style map with a modal box on top outlining the steps with a back and next button



The Connections service has achieved several ENWL objectives, providing excellent customer service with a clear and easy to use tool which keeps the customer within their channel of choice and their position within the application process.

The system has increased self-service and customer satisfaction whilst simultaneously improving the efficiency of the sales process, ensuring complete and accurate data is captured at the time of application to reduce errors later in the process.


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