Meet the team – Simon Royall – Test Analyst

Meet Simon Royall, our Test Analyst. Discover his role, achievements, and how he leverages automated testing to enhance digital product quality at Mando.

Trends and Market Insights in the UK Utilities Sector in 2024

The UK utilities sector is transforming due to economic pressures, tech advances and changing consumer expectations. We unpack key digital strategy trends.

Essential UX Design Principles: Boost Engagement and Drive Conversions

What are the essential user experience (UX) design principles to drive increased website engagement and conversions? This blog walks-though our top five.

Ghost Spam in GA4 – How to Spot and Deal With It

How to spot and deal with ghost spam in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to safeguard your data insights. Implement proactive measures to maintain data accuracy.

Mando to bridge skills gap at BIMA Digital Day 

The BIMA Digital Day on November 8th is an attempt to bridge this skills gap, as eight of Mando's experts will spend time with around 240 Year 10 students from The Studio School at their Liverpool campus.

Meet the team - Kayleigh Goffett, Project Manager

Meet Kayleigh Goffett, a project manager at Mando. Learn about the importance of 24/7/365 support for businesses and how Mando's support services ensure continuity of services. Discover why Mando is a great place to work and how they can help your business on the path to digital transformation.

How to deliver against a digital roadmap through accessible content

How to deliver against a digital roadmap quicker through accessible content. Here are the 10 key questions to ask yourself when looking to expand your digital content offering, scale up your comms and improve UX for your customers.

Key concepts for digital transformation - DTX Conference Roundup

Here are our key takeaways from DTX and how you can leverage them against your strategy, digital roadmap and future planning.

Benefits of Test Automation for Agile Development 

Imagine it’s one of the later sprints in a digital project, there are a host of new components to push through the development phase and implement on the live site – but what about the test environment and the checks that need to be made in terms of regression?