This is AI podcast

This is AI, hosted by Digital Strategist Jonathan Seal and Microsoft MVP Gary Pretty, is a monthly podcast dedicated to helping you understand how AI is disrupting the business world.

Utility Week Live: Driving change throughout PR19 & RII0 with Artificial Intelligence

Watch our talk with Sitecore at UWL18 on: Driving change throughout PR19 & RII0 with Artificial Intelligence

Three trends utilities companies must nail in the next five years

As customer experience evolves, we look at three key areas on which utilities providers must focus over the next five years if they are to compete and thrive…

How utilities companies can rise to the challenge of digital transformation

Digital presents unprecedented opportunities for utilities companies to enhance their offering, streamline their operations, and engage more deeply with their customer base.

Round table lunch: Digital innovation in PR19

Join us for a 3 hour round table lunch in Birmingham on June 26th to discuss digital innovation in PR19.

How Pelican and water2business are using digital technology to drive simplicity for utilities customers

Charley Maher is Managing Director of Pelican and water2business. Here, she tells us why digital technology should be used to enable simplicity, speed and choice…

Four opportunities to transform your digital CX for PR19 and RIIO

Shifting demands mean utilities providers must adapt in order to survive and thrive. And in a growing population of ‘digital-first’ mindsets, technology holds the key. Here are four clear opportunities for PR19 and RIIO…

Key takeaways from Episerver Ascend London

With a strong focus on how organisations can improve performance through digital strategies and technologies, we wanted to hear Paul’s thoughts on the role of data and how it can elevate customer experience.

How to deliver more of what matters to customers

Customer experience (CX) is a hot topic for all industries. But the demand for a more sophisticated approach in the water sector is particularly pressing...