With our support services front of mind, we thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce you to one of our project managers. Meet Kayleigh Goffett… 

Explain your role with Mando and the day-to-day work you undertake for our clients  

“At Mando, I look after our ‘Service Desk’ to ensure all clients with active contracts are fully supported.  

“Whether that be to help provide guidance on how to do something in their CMS, or to rally the team together to resolve an incident. I work with the wider ‘Delivery Team’ and clients for scheduling and delivering website releases, this could include continuous improvements to the site or break/fix resolutions. 

“This work is vital as our clients rely on having their site live 24/7/365 and want to be able to roll out additional functionality with minimum interruptions. One of the core tasks that we undertake is uptime monitoring and ensuring that the site is live when the customers of our clients need it the most.”

How important is it for businesses to consider 24/7/365 support?  

“Dependent upon the nature of the clients, I’d recommend any business-critical websites/solutions to have 24/7/365 support, to ensure full service all year long. 

“We have long advocated for enterprise sized businesses to incorporate this as part of their strategy, especially when you consider the impact of a website or app that goes down or ceases to function in the correct way.  

“In terms of how we work, we see the main benefits of 24/7/365 as:  

  • Offering a self-service portal where users can log and track their tickets  
  • Automated ticket routing and incident closure  
  • Email updates following incident status changes  
  • Well established response and SLA (Service Level Agreement) management  
  • Increased end user customer satisfaction  
  • Meeting the requirements for IT service availability 

What are the pitfalls of not being supported digitally?  

“Having an active support contract, extends a client’s internal team to our ‘Managed Services’ team, providing access to different professionals to help resolve issues and restore service as quickly as possible.   

“This business-critical approach allows us to properly triage issues and ensures we can prioritise concerns.” 

So how do you prioritise issues surrounding support and what steps do you take to ensure continuity of services?  

“We have a team of ‘Developers’ and ‘Testers’ that work across active incidents and service requests.

“We categorise incidents into critical, high, medium and low priorities, by which all of these have SLAs for the team to meet to resolve the incident. 

How do you report on our support offering – uptime monitoring, code management, service desk licensing etc?  

“Our premium reports, offer monthly details on four areas, performance, commercial, release activity and this month’s activity. These reports are followed with a service review to discuss in detail.” 

What is the most rewarding part of the work that you do? 

“I find working together with a customer and the wider Mando team to reach a resolution for incidents is the most rewarding. Helping debug and discuss the issue to see it through to resolution providing the customer with as much detail as possible.” 

Why is Mando such a great place to work?  

“Over the past 11 years I've grown with Mando, learning new skills every day. Everyone at Mando is extremely talented and this is showcased in the work we do.” 

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