Our product offering is designed to lead clients on a journey towards a retained team of specialists who can deliver against their backlog.

We offer a package or repeatable services under the ‘PIES’ framework that will allow our practitioners to identify new features and new tasks to complete to ensure KPIs are met and continuous optimisation:
  • Performance – This area covers everything from technical SEO, code optimisation and log-file analysis. We can optimise your new or existing site to ensure maximum visibility and best practices when it comes to coding standards.
  • Intelligence – This area will look at analytics, user testing and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). By investing in this part of the framework, clients are able to improve performance based on actual data and behaviours.
  • Experience – This area of the framework looks at things such as site speed and accessibility to ensure the best possible UX. This is vital for a more inclusive web experience. We will also review the key journeys on the website and understand the optimum route to conversion.
  • Security – We may look at database or operating system health in this section and identify tasks which will protect data and meet industry standard regulations.
All of these products, and the audits that take place off the back of them will help to identify tasks which are then added to the backlog. We also openly encourage clients to feed into the backlog as their requirements, products, and services change, and as their industry evolves. This is a proactive approach to leverage our knowledge and experience and to ensure we’re making recommendations that will deliver digital transformation.
Once the backlog is populated the tasks can be undertaken through either an ‘Engineering’ or ‘Consultative’ request. This is delivered under the retained team model, where regular stand-ups inform the strategy and sprint planning for the workflow to be completed.
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