The world is experiencing rapid change and in order to keep up with customer expectations, businesses also need to adapt. By investing in digital and leveraging the power of online tools and platforms, it is possible to deliver a strategic transformation that hits KPIs and offers the best user experience (UX). 

This is not only to survive and thrive but to maximise the positive impact that they make for their people, communities, and the planet.    

At any stage of business life, these challenges would be enough, requiring significant focus and investment of money and people resources. However, most enterprise-sized companies haven’t fully realised the last transformation, the one that perhaps holds the key to many of their current, short-term and long-term survival needs… their digital transformation.  

Businesses are challenged with getting to grips with digital technology and associated customer expectations faster and more effectively than they have done so to date. Companies that get this right will deliver agility, measurably better results for customers, and create business value.   

In this whitepaper we look at five key problems and the underexploited digital initiatives that business leaders can focus on, to engineer change within their organisation and build a more digitally competitive business.

These initiatives are not second nature to most, but they are main ones to capitalise on, and quickly to address these growing challenges.  Those that don’t could fall further behind in the eyes of customers, shareholders, employees, and for some organisations – regulators.  

The five key areas covered:

  • The problem with projects
  • The problem with monoliths
  • The problem with thinking you know what your customers want
  • The problem with people
  • The problem with data


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