In episode 12 of our #WhatIf webinar series, we chat to Kevin Smith, Technical Director at cloud solutions and app development agency, Dootrix. 


Unlocking the potential of your data and liberating it to the cloud is fundamental to driving true digital transformation. With so many competing priorities, often data strategy and data integration get left behind. However, if you don’t think this through carefully and plan for the future, removing data silos, technical debt and duplication of effort – it can start to affect all aspects of your business from regulatory and data security all the way through to your customer experience.

“What will I get out of watching?”

  • Why a modern data integration strategy is important and where to get started;
  • How to leverage the cloud to unlock the true potential of your data;
  • How data silos can negatively affect your business processes, and ultimately, your customer experience;
  • How to better ensure data governance, security and privacy.

Whilst our webinars are conversation-led, exploring the key issues, we also focus on the practical suggestions which can be implemented by your business to help you excel with your customer experience transformation.

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