Catch up on episode 15 of our #Whatif series, where we chat with Adam Friday, UX Lead at Mando, exploring how to improve your customer satisfaction and CSAT scores with streamlined customer journeys.



We’re all used to visiting a website where we’re faced with no choice but to browse, searching through multiple pages to find what we’re looking for - this takes time, and is often a frustrating experience for your customers.


But what if there was another way?


What if your customers only had to click once to find exactly what they were looking for? What if you could optimise and shorten their customer journeys so that they got to where they needed to be straight away. What if you knew what content was most impactful, and only featured that in your digital channels?


This is especially important now that the pace of customer digital adoption has been accelerated by almost five years due to the covid19 pandemic, with the associated increased customer expectations.


Watch "on demand" to discover:  

  • How to reduce and shorten customer journeys to improve customer satisfaction and drive up CSAT scores; 
  • Why it’s important to audit your content and use analytics to inform your content strategy;  
  • How to prioritise channels and content that support the overarching customer journey.  

Our webinars are conversation-led and explore the key issues. They are designed so you can take away practical suggestions which can be implemented by your business, to help you excel with your customer experience transformation.  

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