Cloud transformation experts, Dootrix and digital experience specialists, Mando have formed a strategic partnership, to provide customers with a broader depth of services and drive digital transformation for their respective customers.

Dootrix provides enterprises, SMEs and start-ups with system integration and cloud transformation services. They are the team behind Heathrow Airport, the University of Nottingham, and more, helping them to leverage cloud technology and deliver richer user experiences that increase business performance in a fast-changing digital economy.

The partnership will allow Mando to access Dootrix’s expertise as a system integrator, specialising in connecting both internal and external systems, applications, data storages or cloud-based software solutions, creating efficiencies for companies looking to create seamless customer journeys that encompass complicated back-end systems.

The partnership is a fantastic opportunity for both Mando and Dootrix to present their respective audiences with new opportunities to further enhance and refine their digital solutions to better serve their customers.

“Our partnership with Dootrix is a fantastic opportunity for us both to present our clients with additional services, providing them with a comprehensive toolbox of digital capabilities.” Mark Simpson, Mando’s Sales & Marketing Director, said.

“Dootrix have a wealth of experience in providing cloud innovation and best in class mobile applications. I believe Dootrix’s expertise in these areas will be a huge benefit to our customers going forward”.

Dootrix’s Technical Director, Kevin Smith said, “We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Mando. This really strengthens the offering we can bring to our customers. Mando’s passion for seamless customer experiences and their expertise in the world’s leading digital experience platforms goes hand in hand with our passion for extending those experiences to mobile and leveraging the cloud to create highly scalable and secure solutions. I can’t wait to see the things we will achieve together!”.

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