Today, Mando launches a business partnership with Digizuite, a SaaS company in Digital Asset Management software (DAM) that streamlines all digital content in one central platform.  With this partnership, Digizuite joins the ranks of our market leading strategic partners, including digital experience platform (DXP) solutions providers, Optimizely and Sitecore.


Through automated workflows and agile integrations, Digizuite removes manual workflows and streamlines the entire content value chain. Customers choose Digizuite to have control over who, where, and how corporate materials are used. It ensures fire control, risk reduction and helps to increase efficiency and revenue.

Business agility is crucial to delivering experiences which meet the needs of tomorrow's customer, and the speed of getting content, campaigns and features to market can be the difference between acceleration or deceleration of growth,” Mark Simpson, Mando’s Sales and Director of Marketing, said. “Having a centralised approach to managing and orchestrating digital content can help a business to be more agile, more consistent, and more relevant to its customers. This is why we partner with Digizuite, because they provide the tools and the innovation which complement our web content offerings and enable our clients to achieve this.

With their collective focus on DXPs, Mando and Digizuite joined forces to promote and implement best-of-breed digital ecosystems for all customers.

Mark Simpson added; “What is driving the best-of-breed argument is the agility and flexibility that these vendors offer when businesses inevitably need to change. These are vendors who can provide a digitally superior, flexible approach, and that’s why we want to work with vendors like Digizuite, a best-of-breed solution that integrates with other like-minded vendors like Optimizely, Sitecore, and so on.

In addition to our interest and expertise in digital transformation, we are deliberate in our efforts to leverage technology to improve the planet. And we believe fervently that the Digizuite DAM will help environmentally-focused organisations achieve their missions.

Mando is recognised for working with ambitious leaders who have and know how to execute the big ideas to create change in a digital world, whilst simultaneously taking care of people and the planet.
UK-based Digizuite leaders look forward to what this partnership will do for business growth throughout the region – and beyond.

The maturity of the UK market for Digital Asset Management has grown over the last few years,” Derick Price, Digizuite’s Sales Director, added. “Today, our enterprise clients recognise not just the need for brand management and single point of reference for content, but also the need to enable content flow through the whole technology stack – across all departments. Expert partners like Mando are essential in our mission to design, deliver and support this need. We are delighted to welcome them on board.

Overall, our respective leadership teams are thrilled to be a part of these efforts and are committed in working together to help clients seeking to deliver a true omnichannel experience for their customers.

No matter what a business wants to achieve with their digital strategy, an omnichannel approach will be crucial,” Peter Toft, Digizuite’s VP of Global Partnerships and Alliances, said “We are looking forward to seeing what DAM can do for all the fantastic organisations that Mando collaborates with.

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