Watch the latest episode of our #WhatIf webinars, exploring what happens without a digital roadmap, with Catherine Rigby, Mando's Head of Strategy & Insight.


Would you get in your car and drive without a destination? For the best journey, you need to know your end point, your chosen route, your progress along the route, and any potential roadblocks along the way. 


It’s just the same with your digital journey and committed investment – if you haven’t considered and documented the above, then you’re driving blind.


“What will I get out of watching?”:

  • How to differentiate from your sector peers/competitors with a clear strategy, vision, KPIs and roadmap, informed by data and analytics;
  • Demystifying digital strategy and understanding what aspects of customer experience will make the biggest difference to your customers;
  • How to quantify and measure your digital transformation ROI, to get Board buy-in.

Whilst our webinars are conversation-led, exploring the key issues, we also focus on the practical suggestions which can be implemented by your business to help you excel with your customer experience transformation.

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