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  1. Together has been able to improve digital presence and increase customer reach
  2. Average weekly page views to the Auction Finance section have increased by 33%
  3. 6% of all visits to togethermoney.com now start at an Auction Finance page


Established in 1974, Together is a specialist lender, offering short-term finance, auction finance, personal, commercial and buy-to-rent mortgage and secured loans.

Previously a digitally immature business, we have helped to modernise Together for the digital age. With a newfound understanding of their customer journeys, data to drive evidence-based decisions, and a digital transformation project to build momentum with their Auction Finance offering – Together are now recognising the value of digital.


Business drivers

Together had never really perceived digital to be of value. They had taken their first steps into the modern digital world a year earlier, but now looked to Sitecore as a solution that could bring them data, and insight into what customers were doing on their website – currently, Together had none. Adding to further confusion, web pages were addressing both B2C and B2B audiences, and the customer journeys and content were largely built around how Together fitted together as a business, rather than addressing customer’s needs.

Demonstrating the value of digital to the board would be critical to the project’s success. The business was understandably reluctant to invest wholeheartedly in digital, as at that point in time, without any valuable data, no one had ever been able to attribute an ROI to any of their digital activities or spend.


Mando were tasked with creating ideas to improve an area of the business that had no digital presence – Together’s Auction Finance offering.

Alongside Together, we attended live auctions to get a better understanding of the experience sought by their customers, and to see how we could replicate experience of auctions on their website.

We built momentum with a handful of ideas that added the most value, such as the one-click ‘loan-to’ agreement and the auction finance calculator. These would assist in serving prospective customers and improving pre-sales engagement.

We gained further insight through UX research creating personas, user stories and acceptance criteria. From there, we completed a full site sketching session to find the best solutions for customers. Webpages were redefined and the content was revamped to address the needs of Together’s customers – providing relevant information to simplify the auction finance application process.


As the business was reluctant to invest in digital, unless we could illustrate significant change, the digital roadmap we created was critical to the project’s success. Breaking the project down into smaller phases with a framework for continuous optimisation – identifying particular measures of success, and then building on what’s worked – has helped to achieve continuous buy-in from the board.


Since the redesign and the auction calculator has been implemented:

  • Average weekly page views to the Auction Finance section have increased by 33%
  • 6% of all visits to togethermoney.com now start at an Auction Finance page – compared to 3% prior to the rollout
  • Together are seeing a substantial increase in presales engagement
  • The auction finance calculator is currently the most viewed page (after the homepage), accounting for 10% of all traffic

I have found the interactions with the Mando team to be brilliant. The teams are knowledgeable and generous, there is an attitude clearly managed from the very top of the business down, that has been designed to delight clients. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mando.

Richard Hatton, Head of Digital, Together
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