Simplifying life for 180,000 TalkTalk Business customers

Photograph of Talk Talk Business Tablet Website

About TalkTalk Business

TalkTalk Business is one of the UK's fastest growing B2B telecoms providers, offering a full range of business-grade communications products and services, spanning internet access, data, voice and mobile, serving 180,000+ business and public sector customers, and 800+ partners.

Long story short…

Long-term client TalkTalk Business required a new website that clearly articulated its brand and offered a simple experience for customers. The website redesign and the move to a newer version of Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ has simplified the customer experience and the site has never been easier to navigate; use of the search function has declined by 62%. The site was awarded 2nd place in the ‘brand and information’ category at the 2017 Episerver awards.


Having recently rebranded, TalkTalk Business needed a new, best in class website to complement its new and distinctive brand. The site would need to help differentiate the brand from TalkTalk’s residential offering, and build brand awareness, while continuing to drive customers to its products.

The redesign would need to provide customers with a simplified experience; the website would need to be easier to navigate, and relevant content, easier to find.

TalkTalk Business also required more insight into customer behaviour.

How we simplified them…

We undertook extensive customer research and collaborated with stakeholders across all product areas of the business to understand how the information on the website could be architected to meet customers’ needs. This led us to make some fundamental changes to the sitemap and labelling, and in terms of how we presented the content on key pages.

Building a clickable prototype brought the functional requirements to life, allowing us to demonstrate customers’ needs in a way that engaged with stakeholders throughout the business.

We redesigned the homepage and key landing pages, removing clutter and refining the content to be more focused on customers’ needs rather than centering on TalkTalk Business’s products. From here, we were able to refine the product page content into bite size chunks to make it easier to consume, whilst providing customers with easy access to additional information - should they need it - further down the page.

The design of the website and all the components and GUI kits were created working alongside TalkTalk Business. We also created pectoral icons, a site-wide iconography library, and supporting visual language, and tested visual clarity with customers.

TalkTalk Iconography

To further simplify the customer experience, we embedded some new features:

  • Business case documents are now available for download - facilitating easy sharing of information between business customers
  • Line checking facilities that retrieve results across multiple products so customers don’t have to perform multiple checks
  • Self-building comparison tables to make like-for-like comparisons easier
  • Persistent contact and support capabilities at the bottom of the page to make it easier for customers to get in touch with the business
  • As part of the revised sitemap, newly created page ‘Why TalkTalk Business?’ sits at the top of each page to make it easier for customers to access key information, whilst supporting
  • TalkTalk Business in building their brand; and
  • We have introduced mobile optimisation that allows on-the-go access, with a simplified structure, to make it easier than ever for users to navigate on mobile

Along with the replatform to a newer version of Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, we have integrated the website with modern marketing automation and revenue performance management software (Eloqua), allowing TalkTalk Business to strategically analyse data, generate leads and gain valuable insight into customer behaviour.

Simplicity driving results…

Since the redesign and replatform in September 2016:

  • Average monthly page views are up by 98%
  • Bounce rate has improved by 8%
  • The customer experience has been simplified, and content is now easier to find, while building brand awareness and continuing to drive customers to its products:
  • The search function has seen a 62% decline in use
  • ‘Why TalkTalk Business?’ now accounts for 2% of all page views; and
  • Product pages have seen a 46% uplift in page views

"Updating was a big undertaking, and Mando have certainly delivered. We are always striving to improve our customers' experience, and this new site helps us achieve this."

Richard Thompson, Commercial Director, TalkTalk Business

Other TalkTalk Business projects…

TalkTalk Business has been a Mando customer for more than 4 years, in which time, we’ve delivered more than 2,000 days’ worth of services across websites, self-serve portals and mobile apps:

  • Improvements to the registration part of MyAccount led to a 30% increase in sign-ups
  • The launch of MyAccount mobile apps reduced call centre volume by 4,000 calls per month
  • Our customer experience review of its ISDN30 portal (used by account managers to process orders) led to efficiencies of x4; reducing the time to process each order to five minutes, down from twenty minutes, and quadrupling each account managers opportunity to process orders and earn commission