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  1. Average monthly unique users has increased by 160%
  2. Total sales increased by 64% from £55k in 2015 to £91k in 2016
  3. Named winner of the Sitecore ‘Site of the Year’ and ‘Best Use of Commerce’ awards


Established in 1838, Robinsons Brewery owns around 300 tenanted and managed pubs, inns and hotels across the North West and North Wales and co-brews the beer Trooper with the band Iron Maiden, which sells globally. In addition to this, the company provides casking, kegging and bottling services to other brewers from their site at Bredbury. 

A proud family of independent brewers, Robinsons is one of the most advanced and sophisticated breweries in the UK, with a worldwide reputation for real ale. 


Business drivers

Originally on a Drupal and Magento platform, there were a number of issues with the Robinsons suite of websites:

  • The sites were vulnerable to attacks and had periods offline, impacting on revenue
  • It was not possible for site visitors to purchase a ticket for a brewery tour in the same transaction as other products for delivery, as they were on separate ecommerce platforms
  • Robinsons experienced poor pub engagement with their microsites 
  • The fragmentation of separate sites for different business areas made the customer journey incredibly difficult to track and limited cross-sell opportunities


To achieve a connected experience across multiple channels and a single customer view, which would enable Robinsons to deliver an exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint, we selected the Sitecore Platform.

We moved Robinsons’ entire digital estate onto Sitecore, refining content and combining the five separate sites into one information architecture.

To simplify the challenges with cross-selling certain items, we brought the tours and shop onto the Ucommerce integrated Sitecore platform, allowing a much smoother and logical customer experience for purchasers.

With 300 microsites for individual pubs, all experiencing low engagement, we worked with Robinsons to get feedback from licensees to determine why they weren’t using their site. They cited the following reasons:

  • No dedicated gallery function to promote the pubs
  • No room booking function to promote hotel rooms available
  • Pubs were limited to only adding one menu at a time
  • Websites were not linked with social media
  • Websites were not mobile friendly

Each of the 300 pubs now has a new microsite, which we’ve brought under the Robinsons site to allow greater integration and enable individual publicans to promote their own events and generate additional footfall, whilst be simpler to manage.

Finally, we took Robinsons through our Sitecore XP Starter Kit to empower them to take advantage of Sitecore’s marketing suite.

Robinsons are now able to deliver customers a personalised experience based on their browsing history and preferences.



Mando and Robinsons Brewery case study


The new site now caters for Robinsons’ diverse range of audiences – from those looking to run a Robinsons pub, stock their award-winning beers or buy them online, to those wishing to take a brewery tour, find out about their contract brewing and packaging service, or keep up-to-date with the activities of their pubs.

Since the redesign and replatform of Robinsons:

  • Average monthly unique users has increased by 160%
  • Strategic content accounts for more than 50% of page views; Pubs (25%), Shop (17%), Run A Pub (6%), Airport (5%)
  • Total sales has increased by 64%; from £55k in 2015 to £91k in 2016

The website was named winner of the Sitecore ‘Site of the Year’ and ‘Best Use of Commerce’.

Robinsons are now able to track visitors across multiple channels, including; mobile, tablet, desktop, e-mail, and social media, allowing them to control audience experiences in the most relevant, timely and engaging way.

Mando have been a breath of fresh air. They really understood our values, our brief, and our story - seeing the website deliver the kind of results that it has, has been phenomenal. We now have a website that’s fit for the future and one that we feel is a leading example in our industry.

Daniella Martin, Communications Manager, Robinsons Brewery
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