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  1. Average monthly visit frequency has increased by 3% on the Norican site
  2. Social media channels have generated a 266% uplift in traffic to DISA
  3. Continued to build on their existing customer relationships


Norican Group is the world’s leading provider of technology and services to the surface preparation and metallic parts industries.

Norican needed to move on from their legacy CMS to build momentum with their ambitious growth plans. Understanding Norican’s customer base in great detail, we mapped out customer journeys and delivered a Sitecore XP solution. This would provide customers with a personalised online experience and ensure they are optimally served by delivering relevant content, across multiple brands, territories and 11 languages.


Business drivers

Norican's technology no longer supported their business requirements and they needed to look forward to a best-in-class customer experience platform, in order to help achieve their ambitious targets.

Norican also had a brand that was weighted towards those looking for high-end machinery, but this wasn’t reflected in their current digital experience. They required support to effectively communicate with their broad customer base.

Another key challenge would be addressing the needs of multiple brands and highly complex and long customer journeys.

The new platform would need to be capable of:

  • Delivering great customer experiences across 11 languages and multiple brands.
  • Displaying the appropriate content for each geographic location.
  • Easily enrolling acquisitions into a single, consistent digital experience.
  • Ensuring a seamless transition of data from the enterprise content management system to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


To identify Norican's customer personas we:

  • Conducted surveys on the current websites
  • Spent time at Norican’s foundries to talk to staff ‘on the ground’ and get a better feel for the business
  • Took Norican through a number of discovery workshops, collaborating with stakeholders from all over the world, in order to get a broad insight.

We found that purchase decisions were rarely made by one person. We needed to accommodate customer journeys that extended beyond one customer.

Overall, we identified 5 different personas and over 140 customer journeys to map. The research helped to shape a customer journey that transitioned through multiple roles within a company, over a 6 to 24-month period.

We mapped these journeys alongside each stage of the buying cycle, re-engineered Norican’s information architecture and crafted a content strategy in line with the SPIN methodology.

When auditing the content, we found that product pages needed to facilitate an offline journey, and supply those customers with all the tools needed to build a business case for the purchase of the machinery. To ensure the site displays the appropriate content for each geographic location, the customer’s location is authenticated via their IP address, and the content is trimmed accordingly.

We leveraged Sitecore’s component and modular based platform to allow for new Norican acquisitions to be easily enrolled and to provide a consistent digital experience for their customers.

We also supported Norican on typography, colour, photography and implemented a flexible design approach for creating templates.

We also used the CRM Campaign Integration module to integrate the Sitecore platform with Norican Group’s existent Dynamics CRM system. This will push leads in and allow the marketing team to work more efficiently.

To allow Norican to communicate with their broad customer base, we reimagined the UI to portray Norican as a multi-tiered brand and introduced price bandings to create a digital experience that reflected their position in the market.


Norican’s new site now provides users with a personalised online experience and ensures they are optimally served by delivering relevant content, in context.

The multilingual content management system gives Norican the confidence that only the appropriate content will be delivered to customers across the world, without the need for authentication; creating efficiencies within their marketing department.

Hear from Vanessa Ashworth, Global VP, Marketing Communications at Norican Group

Since the new site has gone live:

  • Norican has seen an increase in lead generation
  • Referrals from Norican to sister brands Wheelabrator and DISA have increased by 18% and 46% respectively
  • Actual page views of the Wheelabrator (English language) contact page have increased by 197%
  • They have continued to build on their existing customer relationships
  • Average monthly visit frequency has increased by 3% on the Norican site
  • Norican has extended their brand reach
  • Social media channels have generated a 266% uplift in traffic to DISA

I liked the idea of “simplifying complexity and creating business change” – it seemed a good fit to Norican’s needs. Now I believe we have a platform which is a good fit for Norican’s business strategy.

Vanessa Ashworth, Vice President of Marketing Communications, Norican Group
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