Migrating the GMC from RedDot to Sitecore

The GMC helps protect patients and improve UK medical education and practice by supporting students, doctors, educators and healthcare providers.


The GMC’s existing RedDot implementation no longer supported its digital ambitions. It required a new digital platform to manage, deliver and optimise experiences across every digital touchpoint. It also needed to reduce cost to serve, and reduce the effort required to manage its digital estate.

With that new platform, the GMC wanted to work with an implementation partner who was closely aligned with the chosen product vendor. In this case it was Sitecore, of which we are a Gold Partner to.


Mando deployed a team onsite at the GMC’s head office in Manchester to support the transition to Sitecore and to up-skill their internal team on the new platform.  

To further lay the foundations for the GMC to deliver a personalised experience for its key audiences - doctors, student and patients – we defined a ‘now, next and future’ digital roadmap. Based on its customers’ needs and pain points, this will guide the GMC in improving its digital offering moving forward, with advice provided over quick wins and critical enhancements. We have also devised a KPI framework, against which all future success can be measured.


Since the site went live in April 2018.

Average engagement with the GMC website increased as follows:

  • Visits per user increased by 4% (from 1.86 visits per user per month to 1.93)
  • Bounce rate reduced by 33% (from 63.34% to 42.64%)
  • Average session duration increased by 21% (from 2 minutes 31 seconds to 3 minutes 4 seconds)

Content discovery has improved with key content more visible:

  • Users entered the site via 43,250 pages compared to 24,822 pages previously
  • The homepage now accounts of 27% of entrances compared to 24% previously
  • Bounce rate for the homepage has reduced from by 34% (from 62.77% to 28.77%)

Improved user experience has eased a reliance on search:

  • Share of visits utilising onsite search has reduced by 1% (from 4.09% to 3.18%)
  • Search exit rate has reduced by 16% (from 35.94% to 19.91%)
  • Search refinements have increased by 3% (from 21.48% to 25.39%)