Mando & United Utilities continue longstanding partnership with website replatform

When Mando and leading utility company United Utilities teamed up 9 years ago, a customer-client relationship was formed that would stand the test of time.  Nearly a decade on and Mando continue to be the provider of choice, this time to re-platform their existing website to one suited to today’s cloud-based environment.

Previously utilising OpenText/RedDot as their CMS, the utility company found they had outgrown their legacy platform and website design and so engaged Mando. They wanted to deliver personalised and contextually relevant information to their customers.  The resulting re-platform of their customer site to Episerver DXC was a key strategic investment in creating a customer-focused digital experience. The new site is the foundation from which UU will be able to progress their ambition ‘to deliver a customer service you can rely on’ and ‘to be easy to do business with’.

The solution designed by Mando is a ‘quick to market minimum viable product’ (MVP) that allows for iterative development in line with business priorities; ideal for situations where timeframes are demanding as components can be repurposed. Episerver combines a streamlined content management experience which allows for ease of content entry, with more complex features such as personalisation of content based on a wide variety of criteria such as previous user site activity or how they were referred to the site. 

The Episerver platform, expertly combined with elements of bespoke development by Mando, will allow UU to bring many of their currently separate websites into a single platform, streamlining content management, reducing the amount of effort required to manage the site and allowing for the re-use of page components across multiple sites. This in turn reduces the cost of expanding all sites with new features in the future. The result is a cost-effective solution, easier for content editors to use but still as visually appealing and usable for the customer.

United Utilities provide wastewater treatment and clean, fresh water to over 7 million people and 200,000 businesses in the North West every day.

Denise Maskew, Customer Digital Manager at United Utilities, said “Mando’s understanding of the utility sector and the requirements of our business has been essential in helping to deliver a website that meets the needs and expectations of our customers. The team have shown outstanding commitment through delivery of a complex project within demanding timeframes.”

Ian Finch, Managing Director at Mando, said: “The pivotal role Mando has played in developing the new customer website is a testament to the mutual trust and value of our partnership.

“Mando’s role on this project cements our position as UU’s digital agency of choice and has generated further opportunities for Mando to support in designing and developing solutions for other sites such as the Corporate and Cumbria site. Mando are playing a key advisory role to help formulate short and medium term digital solutions that meet UU’s business objectives.”