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Effective digital experiences play an increasingly critical role in our clients’ business success. But can you and your customers trust that the digital services you provide are secure, perform well, and can recover rapidly should something go wrong?

Our support service provides full confidence in the smooth running of your digital services, enabling you to focus on delivering value to your customers. We cover everything from setup and onboarding through to service reporting, and our support service is run entirely by UK-based consultants with knowledge of your platforms and solution, operating 24/7/365.

We will help you to gain

  • Peace of mind, knowing we’re continually monitoring and supporting your digital products and services, and are fully ISO27001 certified for security of your digital assets
  • Continuous access to trained, skilled, and experienced support technicians with relevant understanding of your platforms and digital products
  • Swift response and resolution of issues within agreed, contracted timeframes
  • Increased capacity to focus on strategic, value-driving initiatives, while we manage your incident and release management processes

We will help you avoid

  • Dissatisfied customers unable to access key digital services
  • High costs recruiting and retaining specialists to support evolving solutions
  • Unnecessarily slow resolution of technical issues, due to poor knowledge retention
  • Significant operational disruption when incidents happen

Why Mando?

Unlike a managed cloud provider, our support services cover both infrastructure and applications, so you won’t have to negotiate between multiple partners when an incident or security issue arises. Our infrastructure and application expertise is fully integrated, allowing us to be proactive and efficient when trapping and resolving both incidents and service requests.

As CMS/DXP specialists, we can also add significant value to digital experience platform support, offering 24/7 monitoring, incident management and support of your Optimizely, Sitecore, or Umbraco applications across a variety of hosting platforms including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

And we’re not just Support specialists. We are Optimizely Gold partners and a Sitecore partner with several certified consultants meaning new feature development and specialist consulting is ingrained within our ‘Product’ and ‘Consulting’ service offerings.

Our Support services:

Setup and onboarding

We ensure a smooth onboarding into BAU. By facilitating several sessions that cover details such as the Desk-to-Desk, Incident Management & Release management processes we ensure all details are clearly documented and shared with both parties.

Release management

We design the right release cadence. An effective release management process helps identify and manage functional changes through build and test environments to a production environment successfully and in a scheduled, predicted manner.

24/7 support

We ensure experienced UK-based consultants are available 24/7/365. Critical incidents don’t always happen within working hours, so we provide a dedicated phone number so you’re always protected.

Uptime monitoring

We provide peace of mind through uptime monitoring to ensure availability of services including website URLs, SSL validity and API availability.

Incident management

We manage and control all incident activity. Our JIRA Service Management implementation provides a single, robust, ITIL-aligned solution that includes the ability to view and interact with incidents in real-time through the Mando customer portal.

Knowledge retention

We retain critical expertise and solution insights so your support service stays effective. We run quarterly sessions with the Mando studio to collectively understand a solution whether they are currently working on your account or not. This enables us to provide the assurance that whoever picks up a ticket knows how and where to go to resolve.

Service reports and reviews

We help you understand solution performance, release management and commercials. This is discussed at a cadence to suit you to ensure any issues are addressed and understood in a timely manner.

Service requests

We provide expert insight around your solution and platform, allowing requests for information or advice in relation to the services provided by Mando, this may include requests for documentation or training.

How does it work?

We’ll provide a package that is tailored to suit the digital product and the needs of your organisation, based on the findings from an initial technical audit and a joint session where we match specific services and levels required to meet your needs and budget. This ensures you can have confidence that the support in place for your digital services reflects the importance it has to your business and customers.