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How we help

Digital strategy is the process of identifying how investment in digital technologies and approaches can maximise competitive advantage, growth, profit, and value for clients. 


Our digital strategy package, which is made up of a number of items, provides:

  • a vision statement that sets out how digital will support the business ambition 
  • a mechanism to connect business goals with performance insights, ensuring a tangible pathway to achieve and prove success 
  • a framework to help identify and address the operational gaps, risks, and issues in delivering on the digital vision 
  • a Now/Next/Future view of potential digital initiatives across common digital themes 

These then also provides Mando with:

  • a vision statement to test the value of all potential digital initiatives against 
  • a joined-up view to align and track the impact of all digital initiatives to the client's business value 
  • a view on likely operational challenges for the customer and how we could support in their digital maturity journey 
  • a prompt across common digital themes on where value could be added in line with the digital vision 

Onboarding Services 

There are four items that make up our digital strategy: 

  • Digital Vision 
  • KPIs Framework 
  • Roadmap 
  • Digital Operating Model