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WEBINAR: #WhatIf... every £10K you spent on digital transformation planted 500 trees?


In 2020, UK net emissions of carbon dioxide were estimated to be 326 million tonnes (Mt).

The UK – and the world – has entered what needs to be a decade of action in the 2020s, if global goals to limit rising temperatures are to be met.

The UK government has recently toughened up its target on greenhouse gas emissions for the next 15 years, aiming to cut CO2 emissions by 75% by 2035 compared with 1990 levels.

But what can digital professionals do to reduce their C02 emissions, and #WhatIf the next £10K you spent on digital transformation planted 500 trees?

To discuss this topic further, we were joined by Ecologi’s Head of Sales, Dennis Hettema.

Watch on-demand now to discover:

  • How Ecologi are combatting climate change by planting trees;
  • How they invest their customers' money to offset carbon footprints;
  • Our commitment to planting 500 trees for every £10K of services we deliver for our clients;
  • What digital professionals can do to reduce their carbon footprint;
  • What Mando are doing to create a carbon-positive workforce.