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What if you never had to worry about supporting or optimising your digital platform ever again?

Do you have the confidence that your digital channels are running smoothly and are being continuously optimised?

Most companies have incredibly busy schedules. Managing entire digital estates and ensuring that their customers have positive experiences with their brand and increasing their overall CSAT scores is time consuming and can often leave many digital professionals with little time to effectively manage their digital solutions and continually optimise them.

Our Managed Services offering gives you peace of mind over the efficient running of your digital estate, freeing up your internal teams for strategic initiatives.

Our team are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience in building data-driven insights and a culture of continuous improvement for our clients, providing them with actionable insights and enhancements.

We like to build long-term relationships with our clients; providing peace of mind, predictability, flexibility and reassurances that their people, process and technology can run smoothly and continue to deliver outstanding customer experiences 24/7/365.

So, what are the benefits of our managed services solution?

24/7/365 support

Our business hours and out of hours support service is designed around the needs of our customers – providing skilled experts with a deep understanding of our client’s digital solutions – enabling incidents and problems to be resolved effectively and efficiently. Our managed services team provide an ITIL-aligned service desk during core working hours to expediently assign the right resources to address customer support issues. Out of hours we provide a single contact telephone number directly manned by our highly skilled, UK-based, permanent staff to ensure a rapid response to critical incidents.

Continuous optimisations

To operationalise continuous improvements on a BAU basis, we’ve designed a flexible range of services that seek to continually evolve and optimise your solution. A consistent Mando team will deliver a range of services that deliver tangible improvements to your digital estate. These services include:

  • KPI performance reporting;
  • Analytics implementations;
  • Technical SEO;
  • Technical reviews;
  • Platform reviews and recommendations;
  • Backlog maintenance;
  • Backlog delivery.

Incident management

Our JIRA Service Desk implementation provides a single, robust management process, which is based on ITIL best-practice, and uses industry-leading Atlassian JIRA Service Desk software. We employ a full-time Service Delivery Lead who is dedicated to ensuring the incident management process performs effectively and efficiently on an ongoing basis.

Our JIRA Service Desk implementation provides a single, robust, ITIL-aligned solution to manage and control all incident activity, including the ability to view and interact with incidents in real-time through the Mando customer portal.

The transparency and accessibility of our Incident Management process, including the Mando customer portal, means that it can inter-operate seamlessly with your own support and incident management process.

Robust SLAs

We have 4 SLA categories, Low, Medium, High and Critical.

  • Critical resolution – 6 hours
  • High resolution – 18 hours (2 days)
  • Medium resolution – 45 hours (5 days)
  • Low resolution – 180 hours (1 month)

We have a dedicated managed services team who will become an extension of yours, available to support your people, technology and processes 24/7/365 if necessary. We have provided this service for more than ten years to enterprise organisations like United Utilities, and Electricity North West.


Taking ownership of a new DXP like Sitecore or Episerver can be a little tricky if you’re inexperienced with the platform. Our onboarding services facilitate a smooth business change and equip your in-house digital teams to manage your new solution.

This is incredibly beneficial for content creators/editors who may not necessarily have developer skills, but still require familiarisation with the platform in order to create blogs, upload new pieces of content, or edit existing content as and when they need to.

Free up your internal team

Handing over your business as usual tasks to us enables you to manage cost and free-up resource within your internal teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Many companies lack the resources to hire large dedicated development teams and struggle to keep pace with making continual optimisations and enhancements to their site, ultimately, this is where your customers may suffer from a poor user experience of your site and your CSAT scores may be affected.

If your team are struggling to keep up with continuous optimisations and enhancements to your digital estate, our Managed Services solution gives you the ability to hand over these time consuming tasks, giving you and your team more time, and the ability to focus on the more strategic tasks.


If you think that you and your team could benefit from:

  • A facilitation of smooth business change and a service that equips you to manage your new solution effectively;
  • Having a single supplier manage day-to-day operations across all core suppliers;
  • Continuous optimisations to your customer experience with incremental improvements;
  • Gaining data-driven insights and a culture of continuous improvements;
  • Access to support and maintenance for your people, technology and processes 24/7/365;

… Why not speak to us about how we can help? We’re more than happy to discuss our Managed Services solution and how it could benefit you and your team, managing everything for you: hosting, maintenance, subscriptions and licenses.