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What does the acquisition of Idio mean for Episerver users?

After attending several Episerver partner webinars, browsing their website and partner portal, and most recently, attending their latest partner day, a new acquisition has been ever present…

Acquired by Episerver in November 2019, Idio immediately enhances Episerver’s analytics and personalisation capabilities, enabling marketers and CX teams to deliver customer-centric digital experiences.

Idio is based in London and New York, backed by leading SaaS investors including Notion Capital, and in 2017 was named by Forrester Research as a Breakout Vendor, and a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner in 2019.

Idio’s platform uses Content Intelligence to process content data into reliable insights about the effectiveness of a company’s content, enabling them to predict the interest of every individual visiting their digital estate.

Idio helps to close the gap between what customers are looking for, and what businesses can offer them, using AI systems to predict the interests and intent of every individual customer and automatically delivering relevant content to better engage them.

For marketers and CX teams, Episerver’s acquisition of Idio is fantastic news. Idio enables them to predict which content will best serve a customer, based on real-time behavioural insights, providing them with advanced opportunities to personalise and improve that customers overall experience and journey.

“Episerver plus Idio gives companies the technology they need to easily provide value to each individual in the form of truly one-to-one digital experience,” said Episerver Chief Product Officer Justin Anovick.

We’re excited to see Idio’s ability to automatically index, analyse and categorise unstructured content data into a “structured content hub”, giving our clients access to more sophisticated personalization and marketing capabilities.

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