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WEBINAR: Episode 2 - #WhatIf... your customers never had to wait on hold again?

In episode 2, we chat with technology strategist Chris Knapp, from Microsoft’s Enterprise Financial Services Team. As a Microsoft Gold partner Mando has worked with Microsoft for a number of years, and now we specifically partner with them in the area of Azure and Cognitive Services.

WEBINAR: Episode 2 #WhatIf... your customers never had to wait on hold again? from Mando on Vimeo.


Our new interview webinars are borne out of other start-of-lockdown knowledge-sharing calls around how businesses were responding to the pandemic. However, we’ve now refocused to discuss and share knowledge on how businesses can plan to accelerate from this situation, and the part that customer experience, digital transformation and better serving vulnerable groups can play in this.

Listen on-demand to the video interview recording to discover:

  • How you can reduce customer enquiries into your contact centres;
  • How you can drive down customer wait times and your cost to serve;
  • How you can provide better service for complex customers whilst allowing everyone else to seamlessly self-serve;
  • How technology is allowing successful companies to thrive during the pandemic;

If you’d like to speak with us further regarding anything discussed in this webinar, please just drop us a note to tracey.greer@mando.agency.

If you’d like to connect with Chris Knapp, connect with him here on LinkedIn.