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WEBINAR: Episode 19 - #WhatIf... a new digital platform could unlock a 299% ROI?


31% of an organisation’s technology is made up of legacy systems, and maintaining those systems is extremely costly - consuming on average 60-80% of IT budgets. 

Your legacy systems may still meet the needs they were originally designed for, but is it enabling you to provide your customers with outstanding digital customer experiences, is it able to interact with your other systems seamlessly, and is it robustly protecting your customers data?  

Continuing to use legacy systems might be easier in the short term, but your business could be being hampered by a lack of valuable customer insights, siloed data that’s unable to integrate with newer systems, and the inefficiency and unpredictability that has become synonymous with outdated legacy technology.  

But what can digital professionals do to overcome the challenges posed by inefficient legacy technology, and how can they prevail over the overwhelm of a migration process?  

To discuss this further, we were joined by Optimizely’s (formerly known as Episerver) Product Strategy Manager, Chris Purcell.  

Chris lives to challenge the status quo. An accountant turned product strategist, he has been on both sides of the fence when it comes to implanting system changes. Now he uses that experience to help shape solutions for businesses to go through their own transformations in the areas of digital operations and customer experiences.  

Watch on-demand to discover:

  • The issues caused by outdated, inefficient legacy technology;  
  • How relying on old systems can damage your customer retention; 
  • How you can achieve a 299% ROI with a leading digital experience platform; 
  • Why modernisation is crucial to sustaining business growth; 
  • How you can resolve the issues associated with legacy systems and revolutionise your digital customer experience.