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WEBINAR: Episode 16 - #WhatIf...trust in your brand had to be earned?

Catch up on our latest webinar episode, exploring how to form trust from the get-go with the concept of “know me, like me, trust me”, chatting with experienced Chief Marketing Officer Vanessa Ashworth.


Ultimately trust is created with customers by delivering on promises consistently and building a relationship over time. A recent study shows that 75% express concern for how organisations collect and use their personal data, so this concept is becoming ever more important.

Also, as we transact more in the digital space than ever before over the last 12 months, and with the trend set to continue, building a digital experience that customers can trust is critical to a company’s success.

In conversation, Vanessa draws on her 20+ years of experience “at the coal-face” of marketing strategy and leadership, offering pragmatic solutions to this growing problem.


Watch on demand to discover:  

  • Why building trust in your brand is so critical to success in today’s world;
  • How to use digital experiences to create trust from a first impression;
  • Why authentic values are so important to building trust. 

Our webinars are conversation-led and explore the key issues. They are designed so you can take away practical suggestions which can be implemented by your business, to help you excel with your customer experience transformation.