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WEBINAR: Episode 1 #WhatIf... all your customers are now vulnerable?

We’re really excited to have launched our new #WhatIf interview webinar series.

We have created this new webinar on the back of some very insightful conversations with utilities and financial services over the last few months, discussing how businesses were responding to the pandemic. Each fortnight we’ll be having an informal chat with someone who we feel can share useful learnings and experience, focusing on our key theme of making digital simple for everyone… so looking at customer experience, digital transformation and vulnerable customers.


WEBINAR: Episode 1 #WhatIf... all your customers are now vulnerable? from Mando on Vimeo.

In our first episode, we welcomed our guest Helen Pettifer, a specialist in helping clients to better serve their vulnerable customers.

A 2017 survey found up to 50% of UK adults show characteristics of potential vulnerability – with COVID19 this number has increased hugely, with those facing financial difficulties, bereavement, mental health issues or isolation. The challenges in serving these groups of customers with exceptional customer experience has benefits for all customer groups.

Listen on-demand to the video interview recording to discover:

  • How customer behaviour has changed across sectors during the pandemic;
  • What the future of vulnerability looks like;
  • Which businesses who are leading the way in transforming their customer experience;
  • How customer experience can support the growing numbers of vulnerable customers;
  • “View from the kitchen floor” – Helen’s personal experience of raising and supporting her son with special needs.

If you’d like to speak with us further regarding anything discussed in this webinar, please just drop us a note to tracey.greer@mando.agency.

If you’d like to connect with Helen Pettifer, drop her an email to info@helenpettifer.com or connect with her on LinkedIn.