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WEBINAR: Episode 3 - #WhatIf... a debt and mental health crisis is about to hit your customers?

In episode 3 of our #Whatif series, we chatted with two world-leading authorities: mental health campaigner Jake Mills, founder and CEO of charity “Chasing the Stigma” and Dr. Elizabeth Blakelock, Principal Policy Manager from "Citizens Advice".

WEBINAR: Episode 3 #WhatIf…a debt and mental health crisis is about to hit your customers? from Mando on Vimeo.


As we all know, debt has always been a trigger for a decline in mental health. And the financial challenges caused by the pandemic is going to bring lots of debt and stress to many of your already vulnerable customers.

This is going to be amplified by the sharp fall in mental health referrals during the last few months - and the difficulties that isolation, anxiety, ill health and bereavement all bring. This perfect storm of circumstances means that we are on the precipice of another crisis over the next few months.


Listen on-demand to the video interview recording to hear from Jake and Elizabeth about:

  • How COVID19 and the subsequent financial burden is exacerbating your customers’ and colleagues’ mental health;
  • The effects of debt on mental health, and recommendations from the COVID19 National Task Force;
  • Best practices for how to better serve these customers digitally, both now and in the future;
  • How to proactively identify your vulnerable customers, and then give them the support they need.

If you’d like to speak with us further regarding anything discussed in this webinar, please just drop us a note to tracey.greer@mando.agency.