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Looking to drive increased conversions and improve customer loyalty?

… it’s time to start creating the 1:1 personalised experience your customers are looking for

Let’s imagine you’ve gone into your favourite coffee shop before work (though that might seem like a slightly bizarre concept right now) … which experience would you prefer?

  1. You walk in and the barista knows exactly your drink of choice, has it ready for you in no time at all, and even plates up one of those pastries you love… Without you even having to ask.
  2. You walk in and the barista has no idea what you want, you must remind him what you’ve ordered, and he has no idea whether you even like pastries or not… but he offers you the same piece of cake that he’s offered to everyone else in the shop.

Our guess is that everyone’s answer to that question would be option 1. Option 2 is a frustrating experience that leaves you feeling like you’re not valued as a customer and contemplating whether you should go back to that coffee shop again.

Businesses of all sectors and sizes, including insurance providers, water and energy suppliers, retailers and charities are now tasked with providing the experience that the modern-day consumer has come to expect – a relevant, compelling experience that caters exactly to their requirements. In short; Option 1.

Some interesting stats on personalisation from Forbes' "50 Stats Showing The Power Of Personalisation"…

  • 73% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations;
  • 62% of customers expect companies to adapt based on their actions and behaviour;
  • More than half of consumers (57%) are happy to provide personal information (on a website) if it’s for their benefit and being used in responsible ways;
  • 63% of consumers said they’d think more positively of a brand if it gave them content that was more valuable, interesting and relevant.

Though this all sounds great, it might still leave you wondering exactly what digital personalisation is. Here’s how we would define it…

Digital personalisation enables brands to provide their customers with experiences that are well-aligned to their preferences and specific needs as a consumer. It’s the process of continually keeping the individual needs and preferences of your audience up-to-date, and providing them with the content, promotions and products that are relevant to their requirements.


“Great… So, what? How does that benefit me and my company?”


Personalisation drives increased conversions

If you’re looking to get more of your customers to register for your priority services register, update you on when they’ve moved home, submit their meter readings, or renew their policy, they will have to complete the relevant form on your website. But getting customers to complete these tasks can be a challenge.

Using digital personalisation enables you to tailor content to a specific target audience based on the content they’re consuming on your site, creating persuasive messaging that reassures and encourages them to complete those forms, submit that meter reading, sign up for your PSR, or take out a new policy.

Personalisation improves customer loyalty

Similar to my previous analogy of entering a coffee shop and being met with a barista that knows that you like an americano with a touch of milk and one sugar, the modern-day customers want to know that you understand their needs the moment they visit your website.

Through effective data collection, companies are now able to build comprehensive data profiles of their consumers, gaining actionable insights into their preferences, what content they’re more likely to consume, what videos they’re most likely to watch and what pages of your site they’re most likely to require.

These experiences create happy, loyal customers who trust your brand to service their requirements efficiently, with little effort on their part.

Now, let’s imagine you’ve taken the time to go online and pay your water bill, submit a meter reading, take out a new insurance policy or donate to a charity… Which experience would you prefer?

  1. When you login to pay your bill, you’re being asked to complete a form you’ve already completed, you’re being reminded to submit a meter reading despite the fact you just did it last week, or your insurer is delivering content to you regarding a pet insurance policy… but you don’t own a pet?
  2. When you login, your water supplier knows you’ve recently submitted a meter reading, so doesn’t ask you for one again, or your insurer knows that it’s time to renew your pet insurance policy, remembers your pet is called Rex, and provides you with discounts/offers on his birthday?

It’s obvious that option 2 is the experience that every consumer would prefer, and it’s what a lot of companies are striving to achieve.

Which one would you prefer your customers to experience?

We can help you in delivering personalised experiences, driving customer engagement, increasing customer acquisition and customer retention. If you’re looking to implement a personalisation strategy in an intelligent and scalable way, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.