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Let’s stop guessing and start knowing the content that engages our customers most

Let’s discuss how digital marketers and content producers can harness the power of a CMS to deliver the right content, to the right customer and drive increased engagement


It wasn’t that long ago that content marketers like me were writing and publishing content that was based upon what we “thought” would work with our audience.

Yes, we had Google Analytics stats from previous articles to suggest what might work, what might fly with certain audiences, but we had no idea what individual customers wanted to see, what would convert them, and what would drive better levels of engagement.

But as they do… things have changed… and for the better!

Content marketing has become less about the guesswork, less about wondering what our audiences wanted to consume, and has quickly become more about producing hyper-relevant content, based on data and insights, and tailoring it to segments of your audience.

Content creators now have access to platforms and tools that provide them with recommendations based on real-time customer behaviours and automatic predictions that outline the interest and intent of every individual customer.

One platform encompassing these capabilities and making life simpler for content marketers is the Episerver DXC.


“What makes Episerver better than other platforms on today’s market?”


Content recommendations

The key to improving customer experiences is to provide your visitors with content that means something to them, content that’s relevant to their requirements. Episerver’s Web Content Recommendations feature enables you to serve each visitor with the most relevant content automatically, maximising the relevance of your content and encouraging deeper engagements.

Great search & navigation features

We have all experienced a certain level of frustration when you’ve logged on to a website in order to find specific pages or content, and it’s been easier said than done to find what you're looking for.

The modern-day consumer wants to log on, be served with the content they require, and go about their day… to trust your digital channels to understand their requirements. If your CMS doesn’t provide you with these capabilities, then you’re likely going to have a bunch of frustrated customers on your hands.

The Episerver DXC can enable you to provide your visitors with a frictionless search experience and can automatically build landing pages based on your customers’ search terms.

Having the ability to quickly guide your visitors who are searching for specific content, to the pages they need quickly, helps to create a seamless customer experience.

A/B testing

Want to get a better understanding of what content works best for your audience? Episerver’s A/B testing functionality makes gaining insight into which image, which title and which CTA converts your customers most.

A/B testing lets you create variations for a selection of different page elements (including form fields, content, CTAs and images) and compare which variation performs best. So, if you’re looking to create a piece of content to inform your customers about a new incentive, a new service, or a priority services register, you’re able to create two versions of the same page, gauge the performance of each page, and pick the winning page to show all of your customers going forward.


“This all sounds great… But I don’t have any development skills. Is the Episerver platform accessible for content marketers like me?”


Not a developer? Not a problem!

If you’re a marketer or a content creator, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that a CMS or a Digital Experience Platform would be too technical to operate, and that uploading a blog post, or updating copy on the homepage would require some support from a developer. Content management systems are notoriously complicated and often require in-depth training to enable content authors to publish their own content.

Episerver removes this issue and puts control over content back into the hands of digital marketers, offering a smooth content-editing experience, enabling content creators like me to see and make changes with on-page editing. Gone are the days of asking developers to change the title in your blog post.

Simple collaboration capabilities

Episerver’s “content collaboration” feature is an add-on to the CMS which helps content creators to collaborate with their team members in real time. This means no more sending each other annotated word “version 27” documents via email and losing the latest version… The feature enables content and marketing teams to comment on each other’s content before it’s published, providing feedback on blog posts or news articles, notifying other members of the team and recording all changes in an activity feed.


Would you rather have a content team that’s producing content based upon guesswork, or a content team that’s producing hyper-relevant content which is based upon the individual needs of your customers?

If you’re looking for a digital partner to help you replatform to the Episerver DXC… we can help!


Mando are an Episerver Gold Partner and have worked with the platform for more than five years. With multiple large utilities-based implementations running on the DXC Platform, we have in-depth experience of supporting business critical applications.

Using the Episerver DXC, we have helped the UK’s largest listed water provider, United Utilities, to drive 70% of it’s website traffic to self-serve content and tools, and helped Electricity North West to achieve a CSAT score of 93% for new connections, by redesigning the digital applications experience.

To take a look at our Episerver case studies, click here.



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