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WEBINAR: Episode 7 - #WhatIf...your current marketing efforts will never deliver effective personalisation?

In episode 7, we explored the challenge and huge opportunity of personalisation, chatting with Mando’s Experience Director, Jonathan Seal.


Personalisation has long been seen as the holy grail of any marketer’s toolkit. Get it right, and you’ll deliver highly targeted and relevant messaging to your customers and prospects, which will drive engagement and conversions. However, most organisations don’t come anywhere close to getting this right – and recent stats speak volumes:

  • Two in five users overall said most personalised messages they received still felt like mass marketing that wasn’t created with them in mind (McKinsey);
  • 80% of marketers will abandon personalisation efforts by 2025 due to “lack of ROI, the perils of customer data management or both" (Gartner).

Watch our conversation to find out why businesses continue to struggle with personalisation, how the balance is shifting towards a more transparent value exchange between businesses and customer data, and the opportunity to move towards “Personalisation 2.0”.


“What will I get out of watching?”

  • The promise of personalisation and why it matters;
  • The disillusionment with traditional personalisation methods, and the pitfalls to avoid, particularly around personal data management;
  • How the redefinition of personalisation can deliver the targeted messages that customers want, whilst respecting the privacy they expect – “Personalisation 2.0”.

Whilst our webinars are conversation-led, exploring the key issues, we also focus on the practical suggestions which can be implemented by your business to help you excel with your customer experience transformation.