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WEBINAR: Episode 5 - #WhatIf...you could improve your CSAT scores just by doing things differently?

Customer spotlight: Wessex Water
In episode 5 of our #WhatIf interviews, we introduce our first ‘customer spotlight’, chatting with customer experience transformation expert, Alex Russell-Rutherford from Wessex Water.



Wessex Water’s overarching mission is to be in the top 20 of UK service businesses by 2025. They believe that the only way to deliver this is by doing things differently – an ethos which lends itself to all service businesses, like utilities, financial services and telcos.

What will I get out of watching?:

  • Hear how their “Report a Problem” tool has revolutionised customer journeys with smarter support to customers in unexpected, stressful situations;
  • How to improve your CSAT scores, to stay ahead of the pack;
  • How doing things differently can tackle increasing market pressures and customer expectations;
  • How deliberate customer journeys can deliver maximum customer impact.

Download the visual scripture of the webinar here

Whilst our webinars are conversation-led, exploring the key issues, we also focus on the practical suggestions which can be implemented by your business to help you excel with your customer experience transformation.