Watch the latest episode of our #WhatIf webinars, exploring inclusive digital solutions with Andy Pimlett, Mando's Head of Frontend. 



In a 2019 study, Web AIM, which runs accessibility analyses of tops websites, found that more than 99% of websites violated some aspect of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which are considered the gold standard for determining accessibility.

Most companies operating within regulated industries have started to consider whether their websites are accessible to their customers with disabilities, but has the process been a box ticking exercise, or a careful consideration of whether your customers with a wide variety of disabilities can effectively use your digital solutions?

Your customers have diverse needs, skills and abilities and it’s important to consider this when designing our content on the web, ensuring that no one is excluded.

In episode 11 of our #WhatIf webinar series, we’ll be chatting with Mando’s Head of Frontend, Andy Pimlett. Andy is passionate about cultivating a new philosophy around inclusive product design which embeds frontend development into experience design; living and working directly with strategy, user experience, business analysis and ultimately the entire discovery and design process.


“What will I get out of watching?”

  • Understand how accessibility is not just a box ticking exercise, but an entire approach;
  • How designing accessible websites provides a better user experience for everyone, not just for people with disabilities;
  • How COVID-19 has changed the demand for accessible digital solutions.

Whilst our webinars are conversation-led, exploring the key issues, we also focus on the practical suggestions which can be implemented by your business to help you excel with your customer experience transformation.

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