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3 things we can learn from 'Agile' to give projects agility


1. Focus on the business need and expect change

It may sound obvious, but regularly reviewing against the business case, to ensure that what is being delivered solves a measurable business need, is critical to any project regardless of approach.

Agile tells us that change should be expected – it's inevitable. So we have an opportunity to ensure the project adapts to respond to that change. And we can do that at a point where the cost of that change is at its lowest. That's true on any project, so why not embrace it and build a change budget into the business case?

2. Connect business people and delivery team to deliver collaboratively and incrementally

We've all experienced the scenario of repeated cycles of a document pinballing around gathering feedback, with misunderstanding along the way.

Conversely, I'm sure you've been part of the 15-minute phone call where multiple issues got resolved there and then with the right people on hand.

Connecting business representatives and the delivery team directly on a frequent basis allows these quick decisions to be made and information to be shared. That way, everything will be more correct in the first place and requires less round reviewing.

So start something, check in with the team and client, get together to review it and iterate! Everyone benefits from better understanding and a reduction in rework.

3. Never compromise quality

Who would argue against this one right? Well, it's surprising how often there can be a push to squeeze on quality assurance time when there have been delays / impacts earlier in a project.

This is a great reminder for any project – quality should be King. So, factor quality into your business case and include in ongoing reviews throughout the project.