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Improving experiences for vulnerable customers.

Mando held two round tables with experts from utilities and financial services organisations, to hear and share perspectives on how we can improve digital experiences for customers in vulnerable circumstances.

This report looks at the common challenges that prevent companies from delivering a positive experience – and explores how we might simplify them.


A growing challenge

  • 11 million people living with a limiting mental or physical disability
  • 20.7% of the population will be over 65 by 2027
  • 15.9% of people in the UK are living with a debt problem – up from 15.4% in 2016
  • One million people will have dementia in the UK by 2025

Ofwat, Ofgem and the FCA are demanding companies do more. Download our white paper to explore how digital can help you simplify people's lives.

Mando is a digital customer experience agency in the utilities and financial services sector.