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Mando work with you to understand the technical architecture necessary for the hosting of your solutions. Any solutions architecture is always delivered with final scale in mind. Our preferred hosting partners are Rackspace and Microsoft: world leaders in hosting solutions.

Secure and scalable

Through Rackspace we offer shared, dedicated and load-balanced hosting options for .net applications. We also utilise Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud Platform to guarantee high-availability at a low cost, for solutions with high or highly-variable demand.

Our hosting provision is enhanced through our in-house Microsoft Certified Professionals who work closely with our clients to maintain hosting environments.

Where solutions are hosted on networks other than our own, we remotely provide technical support for scheduled patches and releases whilst adhering to client security protocols.


Our Rackspace servers are housed in three of the most highly specified data centres available today, built to exacting, rigorous standards and delivering unparalleled security, power, connectivity and environmental control. The data centre provides the world-class infrastructure necessary to keep servers up and running uninterrupted around the clock. Rackspace guarantees 100% network uptime and 1-hour hardware replacement as well as providing 24/7 monitoring logs with time-stamps.

The Cloud

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, an open and flexible cloud environment that enables us to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacentres.

We take advantage of these huge computing environments, by building highly-available applications that can be infinitely scaled to meet just about any level of demand. By incorporating Windows Azure Cloud Services we easily deliver flexible, robust and low cost solutions.

Mando is a member of the Microsoft Azure Circle, a bit like the magic circle for technology! The group comprises of Microsoft’s trusted partners who meet regularly to discuss and shape the future of the Azure platform.

Domain hosting

Please note, Mando will respond to any queries regarding domain management within 5 business days. All queries, complaints and reporting of abuse should be emailed to marketing@mando.agency.

Need More?

We offer highly available hosting solutions which can be infinitely scaled to meet any level of demand.