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This is AI

This is AI, hosted by Digital Strategist Jonathan Seal and Microsoft MVP Gary Pretty, is a monthly podcast dedicated to helping you cut through the hype to understand how AI is disrupting the business world. Joined by a range of fantastic guests in studio and at events across the globe to discuss the latest news, developments, and trends within the industry. Whether you're an industry expert or just interested in how AI can solve customer experience challenges, this is the podcast for you!

Episode 3: There's personalisation… and then there's just creepy

Jon and Gary explore the immense possibilities of hyper-personalisation for brands who harness AI and get it right, breaking through the dark cloud of data and delivering that one-to-one experience most of us crave.

With any early innovation, possibilities however never come without risks. Imagine if Amazon not only knew what to recommend, but the password to the smart lock on your home and controlled your driverless car, or worse?

In the news, Gary's tells us about his trip to Ignite, Microsoft's Annual Pilgrimage and explores how countries are beginning to explore legislation that could see robots as their own entity.

Episode 2: Who needs banks when we have emojis?

Episode 2 sees Gary and Jon explore the latest news, including how AI is starting to raise ethical issues and change the way we view the world.

Part two of the podcast focuses on how the financial services industry is being reshaped. Machine learning, amongst other significant technology developments, is changing the world of financial services, from gender neutral chatbots, to Capital One's chatbot that understand's the world fastest growing language 'Emoji'…

Episode 1: I like big bots… But they're not AI

Gary and Jon explore the latest news in AI. In the first of this series, they cover chatbots; the confusion between bots and AI and the potentials and pitfalls of releasing them on customers.

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