Mando's Strategy Director does SXSW... How did I even get here?

As our second substitute, within 24 hours, to jet off Texas, the last minute nature of Jonathan's trip does offer me a unique advantage in my time at #SXSWInteractive... the element of surprise.

Dumb-phones are the future…Nokia 3310 relaunch

Our Strategy Director looks beyond the nostalgia at the opportunities that artificial intelligence and Chabots bring to the evolution of mobile phones

Innovators Hub Catalyst – day 4

Day 4, Valentine's Day, was filled with four inspirational speakers from local agencies and topped off with a red rose!

Investing in the skills of our Apprentices

Our Apprentice Charly recently took part in a Receptionist Skills course, here's what she learned about improving customer service.

Innovators Hub Catalyst – day 3

This week's session featured insightful talks from BMicro, Angel Solutions and Liverpool Vision.

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