Innovators Hub Catalyst – day 3

This week's session featured insightful talks from BMicro, Angel Solutions and Liverpool Vision.

Innovators Hub Catalyst – day 2

Day 2 of Innovators Hub Catalyst was an emotional, inspirational and insightful day, hear most about what we did.

Innovators Hub Catalyst – day 1

I've been so excited to take part in the Innovators Hub Catalyst course. After an action packed first day, here's what I thought.

Utilities Week Water Customer Conference

Water. Something most of us take for granted, but there are huge shifts currently taking place within the water sector that have the potential to revolutionise not only how we engage with water companies, but how we engage with the vital life source itself.

Graduating the ‘School of Thought’

I was invited to apply for the School of Thought course - although I didn't know what I was getting into, I love idea generating and this sounded perfect.

Five checks for avoiding workshop mutiny

As a workshop facilitator, our main job is to make sure that everything runs smoothly - but how do you plan for success?

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